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DV Computers | Registered Apple Repairer

DV Computers |  Registered Apple Repairer

There’s no denying that Apple computers and devices have a reputation for being the best electronics money can buy. They are well-known for their excellent build quality and durability, and their technological innovations.

Apple manufactures a variety of desktops, laptops, and portable devices such as the iPhone smartphone and the iPad tablet. They’re also well-known for their iPod music players - devices that became very popular during the turn of the 21st century.

The problem with Apple devices

The thing is, as with other electronic items, Apple computers and devices like iPads may require maintenance and repairs at some stage. Some Apple owners might feel tempted to ask their local retailer to conduct those repairs for them.

However, Apple typically only provides support for the latest models. So, if you’ve got a ten-year-old Apple MacBook Pro, for example, you’ll be out of luck if you approach your local Apple retailer for help.

The sad truth is that some people assume it’s best to ‘scrap’ their vintage Apple hardware and invest in the latest models. But, that’s sometimes not an option for many consumers, especially with laptops like the MacBook and MacBook Air.

The solution: DV Computers in Perth and Fremantle

Thankfully, the good news is you don’t need to throw away your old iPhone or iPads. Nor must you resign your ‘outdated’ MacBook Pro to a scrap pile. Instead, it makes sense to entrust your maintenance and repairs to an experienced and professional Apple repairer.

DV Computers is based in Myaree, near Fremantle. We’re a registered Apple repairer, and since 2001 we’ve been providing first-class support for all desktop, laptop, and mobile devices manufactured by Apple.

When your Apple MacBook / MacBook Air, iPhone, or iPads become ‘outdated’ by Apple’s standards, we can still keep those devices running efficiently and functioning well. Here’s how DV Computers, your local and convenient Apple repairer, can help:

Hardware Troubleshooting

Does your Apple device fail to turn on? Or when you try to use your MacBook / MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, does the screen show a ‘kernel panic’ icon? Perhaps your iPhone keeps telling you to connect to iTunes before you can use it?

Whatever the problem, DV Computers is here to help. We’re experts at diagnosing hardware problems. We can conduct repairs and even perform logic board repairs if your device has a component-level issue.

Software Troubleshooting

Has your Apple desktop or laptop failed to boot into OS X since a recent operating system upgrade? Perhaps some pre-installed software no longer works and finding a fix for the problem has become frustrating and tiresome?

DV Computers has an expert team of authorised Apple technicians that can help. We can troubleshoot all kinds of software and operating system problems, and get you up and running quickly.


If your Apple iMac or MacBook isn’t running at its best, we can advise and perform upgrades to make it like new again. Some of the upgrades we can carry out include RAM, SSD and hard drive capacity upgrades.

Plus, we can upgrade consumables like batteries, screens, and drives if they are no longer working as expected.

Contact our friendly team today to learn more about how we can help you with your Apple products.


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